IRS Website

The IRS is the U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement. Contains a complete list of tax forms and publications available for direct download. Provides tax resources, including software, preparation tips and forms, and tax information for individuals, businesses and organizations.


Social Security Administration (SSA)

The US SSA is an independent agency of the United States federal government that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits.

Refund Status

IRS Refund Status

Get up-to-date refund information using “Where’s My Refund?”. If you already filed your federal tax return and are due a refund, you have several options to check on your refund.

Welcome to the California State Web Portal

Who is my elected official/Executive Branch/Judicial Branch/the emergency contacts? Who qualifies for Covered CA? What are the state job and business opportunities in California?


Franchise Tax Board (FTB)

provides the services and information to help taxpayers file accurate and timely tax returns and pay the proper amount owed.


Board of Equalization (BOE)

is responsible for reviewing, equalizing, or adjusting property tax assessments, assessing taxes on insurers, and assessing and collecting excise taxes on alcoholic beverages.


California Tax Service Center

provides state tax information and assistance including forms, current tax rates, statutes, sales tax licensing, and related statistics and reports.


California DMV Home Page

is available for customers to check out publications, download forms, brochures, FAQs, Vehicle Information, Boats, Vessel, and Field Offices.


Small Business Association (SBA)

is a US government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses and to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy.


Employment Development Department (EDD)

is part of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency of the executive branch of the State of California.


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Connect with over 650,000 members in the United States and abroad and tap into the world’s most comprehensive source of professional resources; learning and development tools and programs; and networking opportunities.


Thomson Reuters

is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals in tax and accounting.


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